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Flying High With Lutin Air

Luxury, Economy, ... and Smoking! You get it all with Lutin Air.

Lutin Air continues to lead the industry in on time flights to exciting resort destinations. While other carriers flag, Lutin Air is flying high, continuing to expand its fleet of luxury skyliners. If you aren't already flying with us, maybe its time you did.

In a recent LNN interview, Lutin Air CEO, Brambell Tresvaux was quoted as saying "I really can't explain the incredible success of the company in the face of industry downsizing. Maybe it has to do with the fact that we hardly ever crash.".

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Pheromone Technology
It Doesn't Stink Anymore

Created from a combination of non-traditional ingredients, L'air du Lutin is a scent that makes the wearer "feel different". It contains complex oils that work beneath the skin rather than on its surface to create a "derma-scent" that is more than skin deep.

Sample the new L'air du Lutin perfume. Its the last perfume you'll ever buy.

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Lutin Wine
One Sip and Your Hooked For Life

To taste Lutin's new White Zinfandel is to discover the unique spirit and style of a truly great wine. Every stage of vineyard selection, winemaking and slow cellar is carefully monitored to turn out only highest quality wine. Our Zinfandel's up front aromas of berry blend with a hint of sweet oak. Cherries, berries and cassis flavors touch the palate. And there's something more-- goblin fruit. No other wine in the world has this. The winery is open to the public seven days a week.


Lutin Memorial Hospital

Lutin Memorial Hospital Franchise provides an encyclopedic educational resource of all services offered at our facilities. All our surgeons are certified by the Lutin Board of Plastic Surgery so you can feel confident about placing your life-- and body-- in our hands.

Founded in 1927, the New Orleans Lutin Memorial Hospital has all the latest laser...


Visit One of Our Resort Cities and
Become Part of the Lutin Family

We are first in family vacation destinations.

Detroit -- Home of Brush Park, The Only Gargoyle Nature Preserve in America

    Our open space preserve, built in the ruins of the mansions of Brush Park, lets you appreciate gargoyles in their wild state. Know the excitement of feeding hour firsthand. Participate in an imp hunt. Yum! Those criters are good eating!

    Visit Lutin Cosmetics Company and take The Tour and find out how Skinned Deep cellular rebuidler really can change you.

    See SEXXX Live at The Madhouse. People are dying to get in -- shouldn't you?

Sin City

    Like fast cars? Like fast women? Come to Vegas where you can drink and drive at any age! See our impressive list of free shows!

    Join the You Bet Your Life Club for players who want to gamble with something really important.

New Orleans -- Visit new New Orleans! It's the same, only better!

Explore Job Opportunities in The Lutin Empire

We're looking for a few good men, but we'll take women too. And if you're a Goblin, you're a shoo-in. Just look at these exciting positions to be filled within the Lutin Empire network of industries:

Lutin BioChem -- World Leader in Genetic Engineers!

Lutin Petroleum -- A Job for Life, We Guarantee It!

Lutin Memorial Hospitals Franchise -- We're All About Building Better Bodies!

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