Aunt Melanie's Bedtime Stories for Children

In the middle of the Summer of 2015, I began illustrating and writing children’s books. The process is far faster than that of writing adult fiction so the books are piling up fast. Please enjoy these bedtime stories for children.

Lonesome October

October is the time of year when naked cornstalks quiver and the trees take off their clothes of red and gold, when the moon is stronger and the winds moan in the trees where owls hide. It is also time for the cats’ Halloween, an illustrated story in verse, and other autumnal poems for children.


Winter Wonderland

Christmas is coming along with all the wonders of the winter season.  Share these magical bedtime and seasonal poems with the children in your life and maybe remember some of things that made Christmas magical when you were young.


Cinder Mouse

This is a retelling of Cinderella, one of the classic bedtime stories for children. Even a shy Cinder Mouse wants a chance to go to the ball, and with the help of godmother bat with powerful magic and some loyal bug friends, Cindy will have her opportunity to meet Prince Darcy.


The Great Bug Ball

The queen of the ants is throwing a bug ball to mark the first day of summer and every insect in the garden from the largest to the lowest has been asked to the party. But will this bash end in disaster? Can ants and grasshoppers and beetles all get along? The illustrated book includes the bonus poem In The Meadow.


There are Halloween people and there are Christmas people. Grandma Phyllis is a Christmas person. I hope you enjoy this reading of one of my poems by my mother.

"Christmas is Best" read by Grandma Phyllis

House Mouse Christmas

Follow the adventures of Edam Mauz, a house mouse who goes to visit his country cousins at Christmas. This is a holiday story for young children and those just young at heart. Edam’s other adventures include House Mouse Halloween, House Mouse Thanksgiving and House Mouse Picnic.


House Mouse Picnic

Edam and Gouda Mauz have gone into the woods to gather nuts and berries. Gouda wants to go to the meadow and Edam to the pond. Edam’s adventures with the wild animals in the marsh teach him that there are many scary things in the world beyond the farm, but there are many wonderful things and new friends waiting too.


House Mouse Halloween

Edam Mouse has found the best club house in the world– a giant pumpkin where someone has already carved windows and a door. But on Halloween night the club house is set on fire and Edam goes on a desperate adventure to save his precious pumpkin.


House Mouse Thanksgiving

Edam Mouse has found some friends that have nowhere to go on Thanksgiving and has invited them home to dinner… without warning his mother. But many hands make for light work and the feast is on again.


"Christmas Dreams" read by Aunt Melanie

As a child I spend many hours on my back gazing up into the branches of our Christmas tree and when I fell asleep I would dream of the wonderful ornaments coming to life.

Bremen Town Musicians

Hans, the donkey, has been let go from his job at the petting zoo and goes to Bremen Town to seek his fortunes at the music festival. Along the way he meets an unemployed dog and cat and another fellow musician who happens to be a rooster. At the outskirts of Bremen Town they are approached by a hare who wants to help a kind farmer who has been kidnapped by thieves. The musicians agree to detour from their new career path long enough to take part in an adventure. This is a modern retelling of a centuries old story.


Three Billy Goats Gruff

This collection of bedtime folktales are a retelling of the ancient Norwegian faerie tale of the Three Billy Goats Gruff and two classic fables from the Greek slave and storyteller, Aesop: The Grasshopper and the Ants & The Hare and The Tortoise.


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