Butterscotch Jones Cozy Mystery Series by Melanie Jackson

Welcome to adventure in the Canadian outback.

McIntyre's Gulch is a mysterious place. But Butterscotch Jones is a mystery herself. She thought she was safe in Manitoba, but trouble has found her again.

Fun and exciting, sometimes dark and brooding, the Butterscotch Jones Mystery Series represents a new genre of cozy thillers. Begin your journey with Due North.

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Melanie Jackson

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Due North (Butterscotch 1)
Melanie Jackson, March 2011, 41k words, $2.99 eBook Price, $5.99 Book Price

Butterscotch Jones thought that living in the far north provided enough peril to contend with until a private plane crashed outside her hometown of McIntyre's Gulch, Manitoba, Canada. The treasure inside the plane soon attracted both the RCMP and the Russian Mafia. For a town built upon isolation and secrecy, the doors were about to be blown off their hinges.

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A light, fun read with an eccentric cast of characters who bring the village of MacIntyre's Gulch to delightful life.

Big Bones (Butterscotch 2)
Melanie Jackson, May 2011, 23k words, $2.99 eBook Price, $5.99 Book Price

When the mafia plane exploded, that should have been the end of troubles for McIntyre's Gulch, but the government only became more interested in The Gulch and RCMP detective, Chuck Goodhead. Butterscotch Jones has other woes besides. A giant skeleton has been discovered outside of town and Sasquatch Watch is on the way with reporters and an anthropologist. Can she get rid of them before someone ends up dead?

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Gone South (Butterscotch 3)
Melanie Jackson, August 2011, 29k words, $2.99 eBook Price

Butterscotch receives a call from the states informing her that her father is dying. But is it a genuine deathbed call for reconciliation or a trap? In either case, Butterscotch solicits the help of Detective Chuck Goodhead to sneak over the border to see her father. From that point on, chaos reigns. This latest installment in the series sees Butterscotch grow in unexpected ways.

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Home Fires (Butterscotch 4)
Melanie Jackson, November 2011, 11k words, $0.99 eBook Price

Christmas is coming to McIntyre's Gulch, unfortunately Butterscotch's boyfriend, Mountie Chuck Goodhead, is not. Instead, he's stuck in a snow storm with his father, who he doesn't get along with. But it is the season for miracles, and maybe one will happen for Chuck and his father.

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The Butterscotch Jones Mysteries Volume 1 (Books 2-4)
Melanie Jackson, May 2012, 63k words, $5.99 eBook Price

The Butterscotch Jones Mysteries Volume 1 is a 63k word collection of books 2 - 4 in the series. It includes the novels "Big Bones", "Gones South", and "Home Fires". "Due North", the first novel in the series, should be read seperately before reading this bundle.

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Points West (Butterscotch 5)
Melanie Jackson, February 2012, 25k words, $2.99 eBook Price

McIntyre's Gulch has had it's share of misadventure and close calls with the law, but this time disaster looms large. A corrupt Mountie has staggered to Butterscotch's doorstep and then dropped dead. Chuck Goodhead is able to identify the policeman as a traitor who is a purveyor of secrets. Dark and powerful enemies are converging on the town and Chuck and Butterscotch must work quickly to find out why a dying man used his last moments of life to come to them.

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The Wedding (Butterscotch 6)
Melanie Jackson, March 2012, 27k words, $2.99 eBook Price

The time had come-- Butterscotch was ready to tie the knot! Plans were under way for the festivities and then the Mountie got called away on a dangerous case. Butterscotch was sure she could cope but, as the saying goes, man plans and the gods laugh. They laugh twice as hard at frantic brides. Will the Mountie be able to wrap up his case in time to get back to their wedding-- supposing that the wedding can even take place when fate seems against them?

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Wild East (Butterscotch 7)
Melanie Jackson, May 2012, 30k words, $2.99 eBook Price

Big oil spells big danger for the Gulch. Surveyors have come to town with startling news-- a new pipeline is going in. It's left to Whiskey Jack to find another route for the pipeline. Meanwhile, the Mountie has his hands full training a new recruit for outback duty.

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The Butterscotch Jones Mysteries Volume 2 (Books 5-7)
Melanie Jackson, March 2012, 82k words, $5.99 eBook Price

The Butterscotch Jones Mysteries Volume 2 is a 82k word collection of books 5 - 7 in the series. It includes the novels "Points West", "The Wedding", and "Wild East".

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Duet (Chloe 17, Butterscotch 8)
Melanie Jackson, January 2013, 44k words, $2.99 eBook Price, $5.99 Book Price

Chloe Boston and Butterscotch Jones are together for the first time in a mystery "Duet".

In "Still Waters", quiet McIntyre's Gulch is troubled by a strange cat burglar who seems interested in nothing but photographs. Mountie Chuck Goodhead is off on some mysteries mission leaving Butterscotch to cope on her own which she was doing quite happiliy when Agent DeSoto of the FBI arrived claiming he was there on a fishing trip.

In "Make Over", Chloe has chosen to spend her vacation restoring the old Stubbs Mansion. Put in charge of a work crew, her job is soon a cause for frustration which gets worse when rumors spread that the mansion is haunted.

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Four Seasons (Butterscotch 9)
Melanie Jackson, June 2014, 161 pages, $2.99 eBook Price, $5.99 Book Price

Leon Rausch of the CIA was not thrilled to be stranded in the Canadian wilderness. While worried about the attempted assassination that brought down his plane not far from McIntyre's Gulch, he has no idea that other dangers are lurking in the woods around him.

With the Mountie snowbound in Winnipeg, it is left to Butterscotch and her neighbors to mount a rescue mission into the territory of The Others and get the passengers and crew out alive. Burdened with injured and hounded by the weather, they are forced to take refuge in an abandoned lodge which was closed up fifty years ago after a string of grisly murders. They may be safe from the weather inside the Hillview, but the old threat is still waiting nearby and ready to strike again.

Meanwhile back in McIntyre's Gulch the community must band together to deal with the Beast while both pirates and spirits in the woods prove troublesome.

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