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Jane Blackthorn Mysteries 1
Melanie Jackson, September 2014, 182 pages, $2.99 eBook Price

This book contains the first two Jane Blackthorn mystery titles:

Death in a High Place

1921-- The college ski club is having a reunion at a hunting lodge in Canada and Jane decides that some clean living in the great outdoors is just what she needs. But it is apparent that something is very wrong at the Beauvert Ski Lodge and she is shocked to discover that one of her old classmates is dead. Trapped by a blizzard, they are at the mercy of a killer that no one else believes in and it is left to Jane to save the day.

Death in a Low Place

Fire Nevada is a town barely clinging to life and it is there Jane Blackthorn goes to hide from her family as she waits for her wedding day. Her beloved Uncle Jack is distracted by troubles at the silver mine. He and his partner are being pressured to sell to an Arizona conglomerate and the mine is being plagued by accidents which the men blame of the tommyknockers. Jane doesn't believe that the accidents are supernatural in origin but can she and her college friend, Bea Childe, prove it before the situation turns fatal?

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The Miss Henry Mysteries Volume 2 (Books 5-8)
Melanie Jackson, April 2013, 108k words, $5.99 eBook Price

The Miss Henry Mysteries Volume 2 is a 103k word compendium of books 5-8 in the series. It includes the novels "Blue Period", "Memento Mori", "Eye of the Beholder", and "Drowning Pool".

The wine country is a great place to visit, unless there's a corpse in the vineyard. From Napa Miss Henry travels to Los Angeles for the opening of the Memento Mori Museum. After escaping the mummy in Los Angeles, Juliet gets caught in a hurricane at a folk festival. The quartet ends with Juliet in Mexico taking on a job for her former employer.

Mystery, murder, and mayhem abound in the delightful collection of cozy mysteries.

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Modern Art (Miss Henry 9)
Melanie Jackson, July 2014, 108 pages, $2.99 eBook Price

Juliet Henry knows nothing about modern art but that doesn't stop her from filling in when there is a sudden vacancy at a prestigious art show. She is surrounded by strangers but among the new faces there is one she knows from her days at the NSA. She can take no comfort in this fact though because the face belongs to a man that was supposedly killed by terrorists years before. Filled with uneasiness at his reappearance, Juliet is not entirely surprised to learn the next morning that Jessop Carmody, former NSA agent, is this time really and truly dead. Time is short and there are a lot of people who might want Jessop Carmody to leave this world. The most pressing question for Juliet is whether the killer wants her dead too.

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Four Seasons (Butterscotch 9)
Melanie Jackson, June 2014, 161 pages, $2.99 eBook Price, $5.99 Book Price

Leon Rausch of the CIA was not thrilled to be stranded in the Canadian wilderness. While worried about the attempted assassination that brought down his plane not far from McIntyre's Gulch, he has no idea that other dangers are lurking in the woods around him.

With the Mountie snowbound in Winnipeg, it is left to Butterscotch and her neighbors to mount a rescue mission into the territory of The Others and get the passengers and crew out alive. Burdened with injured and hounded by the weather, they are forced to take refuge in an abandoned lodge which was closed up fifty years ago after a string of grisly murders. They may be safe from the weather inside the Hillview, but the old threat is still waiting nearby and ready to strike again.

Meanwhile back in McIntyre's Gulch the community must band together to deal with the Beast while both pirates and spirits in the woods prove troublesome.

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Series Openers

Moving Violation (Chloe 1)
Melanie Jackson, August 2010, 59k words, $2.99 eBook Price, $5.99 Book Price

Hope Fall's greatest detective is stuck in parking enforcement because at 98 pounds, 5 foot nothing, she will never be able to pass the department's physical exam. But with the aid of her dog, and her writer's group, Chloe may just be able to solve Hope Fall's first homicide and impress the new chief of police.

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Due North (Butterscotch 1)
Melanie Jackson, March 2011, 41k words, $2.99 eBook Price, $5.99 Book Price

Butterscotch Jones thought that living in the far north provided enough peril to contend with until a private plane crashed outside her hometown of McIntyre's Gulch, Manitoba, Canada. The treasure inside the plane soon attracted both the RCMP and the Russian Mafia. For a town built upon isolation and secrecy, the doors were about to be blown off their hinges.

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The Secret Staircase (Wendover 1)
Melanie Jackson, October 2011, 38k words, $2.99 eBook Price, $5.99 Book Price

A strange inheritance leads Tess MacKay to an island in Maine. In her unknown relative's ancient house, she discovers that the sins of the past are very much alive and able to be visited on the children. Smugglers and pirates and an old curse are not just things of the past, but dangers and mysteries to be reckoned with today.

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Portrait of a Gossip (Miss Henry 1)
Melanie Jackson, May 2012, 40k words, $2.99 eBook Price, $5.99 Book Price

Juliet Henry, water-color artist and retired agent of the NSA, wouldn't stack up her knowledge of the human heart against the great romantic poets, but she knows a thing or two about human avarice and stupidity. It comes as no great surprise when the small artists' colony of Bartholomew's Woods ends up with a dead resident. Harvey Allen was a professional gossip, hated the length and breadth of the state for his scandal-mongering in the press, and it seemed that one of Juliet's talented but idiosyncratic neighbors had finally had enough of his pernicious tale-bearing and decided to paint him out of the picture. Juliet may sympathize, but she also knows that once a person resorts to murder to hide a secret, chances are good that they may choose to kill again. Can she find the murderer before the killer paints the town red?

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Mayhem Mansion (Kenneth 1)
Melanie Jackson, April 2013, 101 pages, $2.99 eBook Price, $5.99 Print Price

Armistice Day 1918: Christmas is a peaceful time in Quiet Corner -- except at Mayhem Mansion. There is no peace in Kenneth Mayhew's ancestral manse with a restless ghost playing tricks on the family. Christmas guests will be arriving soon and Kenneth's Aunt Agartha has assigned him the task of laying their ghost to rest before the Yuletide revels.

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