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Looking for a cozy mystery to cuddle up with next to the fire? The Chloe Boston Mystery Series, featuring a bright, female detective trapped in parking enforcement may fit the bill.

Or how about a woman hiding out in McInyre’s Gulch, Canada? In their attempt to remain hidden from society, the town has been attracting nothing but trouble lately. Follow Butterscotch and Chuck the Mountie as they try to stay one step ahead of both the law and the criminals in the Butterscotch Jones Mystery Series.

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The Wendover House Mystery Series is a set of classic who-done-its in the style of Barbara Michaels, Mary Stewart, or Victoria Holt. Join Tess McKay as she moves to an isolated island off the cost of Maine, to an ancient house she inherits from relative she never knew she had. Expect spooks and smugglers in this set of gothic mysteries.

Juliet Henry, artist and retired NSA agent, knows what evil lurks inside of men. Her expectation of a peaceful retirement is shattered when she discovers that it may be art for art’s sake but there’s more money in murder. Portrait of a Gossip is the first book in the Miss Henry Mystery Series.

In the mood for contemporary urban fantasy? Perhaps The Book of Dreams series will do the trick. Join Nicodemus Smith, dream extraction expert, in the dream world where those in the know work to contain others who prey upon the weak and vulnerable.

ClanGregor Lutin Empire Author Brian Jackson

Perhaps a period mystery is more your style.  In that case you may enjoy the Kenneth Mayhew Mystery Series or the Jane Blackthorn Mystery Series.

Other stand-alone paranormals and historicals are also available for your reading pleasure. Or try the the Wildside or Divine series.

MJ SignitureEnjoy browsing the pages here at this site and don’t forget to take a look at my blog. Contact me with thoughts or questions. As always, the pleasure of your company makes my day.

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